“The Ultimate Guide to Learning and Remembering your ITF Style Taekwon-do Patterns”

Frank Murphy, Taekwon-Do Master of 40 Years experience, shows you how you can cruise through your Gradings and perform your patterns with confidence so that you can overcome grading nerves every time and get to Black Belt.ITF Taekwondo Black Belt


Dear Taekwon-Do Student

For the majority of us anxiety and tension are part and parcel of our grading examinations, and a lot of that tension comes from how we perform our patterns….

But Imagine what it would be like if you could remember your patterns every time you attended a grading…… Imagine yourself turning up all set, secure in the knowledge that you will perform every move with confidence…Well, I promise you by the time you will have read this brief message, being anxious about your patterns could well be a thing of the past because at least there is a way to…   


Perform  your Patterns with unstoppable confidence every time you step on the floor…


Master Frank Murphy TaekwondoHi, my name is Master Frank Murphy, 7th Degree Black Belt in ITF style Taekwon-Do. Since starting my training back in 1974 under Master Aiden Walsh, who was one of the original pioneers of I.T.F. Taekwon-Do in Ireland.

I was fortunate to have done all of my colour belt tests under Master Rhee Ki Ha and then graded to 1st Degree Black Belt in 1977, under the founder General Choi Hong Hi.

I was a member of the first ITF group in Ireland (R.I.T.A) and when I moved to the UK, I joined the T.A.G.B. and later the G.T.I., until eventually an independent running my own Academy. Throughout my Taekwon-Do career, I have been on both sides of the grading examination table many times.

In the ITF World Taekwon-Do Championships in Chaco, Argentina, 1981, I was part of the Irish team that won the Gold medal in Patterns and the Silver medal in sparring. I went on to win a bronze medal in individual patterns at that event and have won a number of Irish titles since that time. However, despite these successes, I was always very nervous at every grading that I ever attended and for years I looked for ways to learn and remember my patterns.

What makes Taekwon-Do students so nervous at their gradings?

While it is natural to be nervous at a grading, based on my experience, I would wager that most nerves are fueled by lack of confidence in knowing and remembering your patterns…Why…?

Because it is mandatory to pass a Taekwon-Do grading by knowing your patterns!


Having taught, examined and practised ITF Style Taekwon-Do for 40 years, I can safely say that one of the most intense times of any grading has to be the patterns.

Some students have an aptitude for remembering each and every move, but I found many struggled to remember the sequences and some were left believing it was impossible.

On occasions, I witnessed the drop out of several martial arts students, with great potential, who lost out on their dreams on becoming a Taekwon-Do Black Belt because of failing to remember their patterns…It doesn’t have to be this way… 

To help students perform at their best, I, along with my wife Catarina, a 3rd Degree Black Belt, who holds a Masters Degree in Physical Education, came up with a 3 way learning process based on how our brains process various pieces of information and commits this learning to memory, with the sole intention of helping the struggling Taekwon-Do student to learn but most importantly REMEMBER their patterns..


The Ultimate Learning Toolkit for Remembering Your ITF Style Taekwon-Do Patterns

Vintage Footage of the original Hip Twist method of doing patterns

Our first task was to produce a Taekwon-Do Patterns Training DVD (worth €9.99/$13) and forms the first part of the toolkit. It was filmed and produced with the aim to educate and is packed full of  useful information.

Frank Murphy Patterns DVDIt features me facing away from you, the viewer, and performed in slow motion. This is exactly like you would be in a classroom situation. It is an up-dated version of vintage footage shot in 1996 at my Academy in Kent, UK.

I am performing the patterns in the original way of what is known as the “Hip Twist” motion.

As each pattern is performed in slow-motion, a colour coder is shown moving along the diagram or the route that the pattern takes, during its performance. The diagram is a “must know” if you are to master your patterns.

Key Korean Terminology is also included and where a move is complicated or there is a fast combination a mirror image shows both front and rear sides…..Then there is a segment where I am facing the viewer and performing the patterns at the required pace.


Your brain learns better when more than two approaches are used to take in information


ringspiralbinderThe second part of the tool-kit is a Patterns  Training Manual (worth €17/$22) that is designed for students to use as a workbook. It is now immediately accessible as it is offered as a downloadable manual, and you can download each section and print it off at your convenience. This workbook is laid out to help learning and to show you the value of learning your patterns. It has many top instructional and learning points with suggestions to help with memory.

Top Tip from the Master: “Give me a subject that you don’t like, and as a Master I will get you to like it.”

It all has to do with your perception and level of engagement. The main reason you do not like a subject, any subject, is that somehow you do not see the value in it, therefore you do not engage the material. This manual will help you connect with the real value that patterns contribute towards a strong foundation in your Taekwon-Do, your knowledge, your interest and ignite your passion for performing ITF style Taekwon-Do patterns.

Frank and Catarina Murphy) (600 x 543)This Taekwon-Do training manual is not just a long list of pattern movements, it has been written by Master Frank Murphy (7th Degree ITF Style Taekwon-Do) and Catarina Murphy (3rd Degree & MSc. Physical Education), who collectively have many years of study and martial arts coaching experience and have deliberately shared and passed on their knowledge to help you become your own self-coach, and recognize your own strengths and weaknesses, so that you can overcome any barriers you are experiencing. It contains ideas and learning strategies to help you as a student.  This type of knowledge (which is normally kept secret by experienced coaches) will empower you to learn.

It doesn’t matter what organisation or group you belong to, this manual will be an excellent accompaniment to any existing material you already have.

“The key to learning any subject is to fully engage in the material.  You need a variety of good quality resources, such as this tool-kit to help you do this.”

…So additional to the DVD and Training E-Manual, I am also offering a


Taekwondo Pattern PostersTo add to the DVD and training manual, I have put together 9 Bonus  downloadable charts  of each pattern  which you can download as many times as you want at your convenience. By making posters, memory cards and placing them in different places so that you repeatedly see the  images,  will help you commit the sequences  to memory.

These visual reminders will look ideal in your Do-Jang or your home training area and maintain a positive connection as well a jogging your memory each time you glance at your pattern.

These three key features are designed to complement your individual learning style, helping you to retain your patterns, therefore building your confidence.

Here’s what Master Ted Hopwood, one of the original Taekwon-Do pioneers had to say about this tool kit;

ted_0003 (600 x 541)“This Taekwon-Do Tool-kit is a must for any student or instructor. The Taekwon-Do Patterns DVD alone knocks head and shoulders off the rest and the manual is well laid out and full of great ideas to help with learning and remembering your Taekwon-Do moves.

 I wholeheartedly recommend the Taekwon-Do Toolkit.”

Grandmaster Ted Hopwood 9th Degree Black Belt

So, are you a martial artist that takes action?

Cat-GTI-Blackbelt-Champ600xWe know the best people in any sport art or business take massive action they take control of their destiny.

Non Action Takers make up almost 80% of the population, who just simply coast through life and have little or no control over what happens to them…

Now that you know there is a way to learn and remember your patterns as well as get good with your hands and become all rounded Taekwon-Do student, you can join those elite 20% of the population who are action takers.

As a 7th Dan and an action taker myself I will make this easier for you and stick my neck out and allow you to…

A Money Back Guarantee

Try The Taekwon-Do Toolkit Risk Free for 30 days with no questions asked.

Go ahead and order the Taekwon-Do Tool-Kit today for just €12.75/$17, watch and study the entire kit consisting of the Patterns DVD (worth €9.99/$13), the E-Manual(worth €17/$22) and the Bonus Downloadable Posters in the comfort of you own home.

See just how effective the material is portrayed and how fast you learn. Take your time to try out some of the learning strategies suggested in the E-Manual…

Then, after trying out the material, if you’re not totally happy with how you’re interest is growing and your techniques developing, I demand that you let me know within 30 days.


All this expert tuition and knowledge for this special reduced price!

ONLY €12.75 (Eurozone/UK)

(DVD/E-Manual/9 Download Charts €9.25) + (Post & Packaging €3.50) by PayPal

ONLY $17 (US/Canada)

(DVD/Manual/9 Download Charts $12) + (Post & Packaging $5) by PayPal

P.S. Remember, learning all your patterns with confidence is COMPLETELY RISK-FREE because if for any reason whatsoever you feel this is not for you, simply return the Taekwon-Do Patterns DVD to me WITHIN 30 DAYS and you will receive a FULL REFUND… GUARANTEED !!!

P.P.S. Don’t forget you get to KEEP BOTH THE DOWNLOADABLE CHARTS AND Training E-Manual with my compliments, just as a thank you for at least looking at the Tool-Kit.

P.P.S. You have Simply Nothing To Lose. This Tool-Kit can become your training partner for years and this information is all yours for just $22/€12.75, less than half the price of a month’s Taekwon-Do training.

Good luck with getting to Black belt and enjoy the journey!

With Respect

Master Frank Murphy


contact details: www.frankmurphysmasterclass.com  frankmurphysmasterclass@gmail.com